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  1. Canada's biodiversity :the variety of life, its status, economic benefits, conservation costs and unmet needs /by Ted Mosquin, Peter G. Whiting, and Don E. McAllister.
    Publication Info: Ottawa, Ont. : Canadian Museum of Nature,c1995.
    Tags: Biodiversity  Biodiversity conservation  Canada  
  2. Canadian horticultural history :an interdisciplinary journal = Histoire de l'horticulture au Canada : revue interdisciplinaire.
    Publication Info: Hamilton, Ont. :Centre for Canadian Historical Horticultural Studies, Royal Botanical Gardens,1985-
    Tags: Canada  History  Horticulture  Periodicals  
  3. Correspondence :Brunet (Ovide) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: 1796-1878  1809-1853  1809-1884  1810-1888  1816-1877  1826-1876  Abies  Anemone  Botanical specimens  Brunet, Ovide,  Callitrichaceae  Callitriche  Canada  Catalogs and collections  Collection and preservation  Correspondence  Durieu de Maisonneuve, Michel Charles  Engelmann, George,  Geyer, Karl Andreas,  Gray, Asa,  Herbarium  Isoetaceae  Isoetes  Juncaceae  Juncus  Letters  Nymphaea  Nymphaeaceae  Parlatore, Filippo,  Picea  Pinaceae  Plants  Ranunculaceae  
  4. Flora boreali-americana, or, the botany of the northern parts of British America :compiled principally from the plants collected by Dr. Richardson & Mr. Drummond on the late northern expeditions, under command of Captain Sir John Franklin, R.N. To which are added (by permission of the Horticultural society of London,) those of Mr. Douglas, from north-west America, and of other naturalists /by Sir William Jackson Hooker.
    Publication Info: London, H.G. Bohn [1829]-1840.
    Tags: Botany  Canada  North America