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  1. The cinchona barks:pharmacognostically considered.By Friedrich A. Flückiger. Tr. from the original text, with some additional notes, by Frederick B. Power.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia,P. Blakiston, Son & Co.,1884.
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  2. Correspondence :Coues (Elliott) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (Alpheus Spring),  (Edward Drinker),  (John Lawrence),  (Robert Wilson),  1800-1867  1809-1866  1809-1884  1823-1887  1825-1883  1829-1911  1837-1902  1837-1914  1839-1905  1840-1897  1842-1899  Abies  Academy of Science of St. Louis  Agave  Allen, Timothy Field,  Amaranthaceae  American Naturalist  Arctostaphylos  Atriplex  Baird, Spencer Fullerton,  Botanical specimens  Cactaceae  Cinchona  Collection and preservation  Cope, E. D  Correspondence  Coues, Elliott,  Engelmann, George,  Ericaceae  Fagaceae  Fouqieria  Fouquieriaceae  Gibbes, Robert W  Gill, Theodore,  Juniperus  LeConte, John L  Leptocereus  Letters  Liliaceae  Natural history  Opuntia  Packard, A. S  Palmer, Edward,  Pinaceae  Pinus  Publishing  Quercus  Rubiaceae  Smithsonian Institution  Zimmerman, Charles Christoph Andrew  
  3. A description of the genus Cinchona:comprehending the various species of vegetables from which the Peruvian and other barks of a similar quality are taken, illustrated by figures of all the species hitherto discovered, to which is prefixed Professor Vahl's dissertation on this genus, read before the Society of natural history at Copenhagen, also a description, accompanied by figures, of a new genus named Hyaenanche, or hyaena poison.
    Publication Info: London : Printed for B. and J. White, 1797.
    Tags: 1797  Cinchona  Copper engraving  England  Euphorbiaceae  Graphic media :  Hyaenanche  Rubiaceae  Uncolored  
  4. An illustration of the genus Cinchona :comprising descriptions of all the officinal Peruvian barks, including several new species, Baron de Humboldt's Account of the Cinchona forests of South America, and Laubert's Memoir on the different species of quinquina : to which are added several dissertations of Don Hippolito Ruiz on various medicinal plants of South America ... And A short account of the spikenard of the ancients ... /by Aylmer Bourke Lambert.
    Publication Info: London :Printed for J. Searle,1821.
    Tags: Botany  Botany, Medical  Cinchona  Plants  Rubiaceae  South America