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  1. Commerce of the prairies :or, the journal of a Santa Fé trader, during eight expeditions across the great western prairies, and a residence of nearly nine years in northern Mexico.
    Publication Info: New York :H. G. Langley,1844.
    Tags: Description and travel  Indians of North America  Mexico  New Mexico  Santa Fe National Historic Trail  Southwest, New  West (U.S.)  
  2. Correspondence :Baird (Spencer) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: 1800-1889  1809-1884  1823-1887  Baird, Spencer Fullerton,  Bering Strait  Book industries and trade  Botanical specimens  California, Northern  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Letters  Prints  Reptiles  Shaw, Henry,  Smithsonian Institution  Technique  Transportation  
  3. Correspondence :Bandelier (Adolph) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: 1809-1884  1840-1914  Bandelier, Adolph Francis Alphonse,  Botanical specimens  Cactaceae  Climate  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Excavations (Archaeology)  Highland (Ill.)  Letters  Observations  Receipts (Acknowledgments)  Veracruz-Llave (Mexico : State)  
  4. Correspondence :Boissier (Edmond) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Friedrich),  (Georg),  (Georges François),  1805-1860  1805-1872  1805-1877  1806-1893  1809-1884  1810-1885  1810-1888  1823-1866  Boissier, Edmond,  Braun, Alexander,  Candolle, Alphonse de,  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Euphorbiaceae  Gray, Asa,  Klotzsch, Fr  Letters  London (England)  Mettenius, G  Paris (France)  Receipts (Acknowledgments)  Reuter, G. F  
  5. Correspondence :Bolander (Henry) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: Araceae  Botanical specimens  Botanists  Bryophyta  California  Callitrichaceae  Catalogs  Chara  Characeae  Coniferae  Correspondence  Cupressaceae  Cyperaceae  Description and travel  East (U.S.)  Europe  Gramineae  Guatemala  Isoetaceae  Juncaceae  Lenormand, Sébastien René,  Letters  Liliaceae  Maps  Marsileaceae  Nymphaeaceae  Pinaceae  Plants  Ranunculaceae  Selaginellaceae  Umbelliferae  Yosemite Valley  Yucca  
  6. Correspondence :Buchinger (Jean) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Frédéric Albert Constantin),  1803-1888  1809-1884  1830-1903  1839-  Buchinger, Jean Daniel  Cactaceae  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  France  Kalmbacher, Melanie,  Letters  Strasbourg  Strasbourg (France)  Travel  Weber, F. A. C  
  7. Correspondence :Buckley (Samuel) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Benjamin Franklin),  (Moses Ashley),  (Samuel Botsford),  (William Marbury),  1794-1863  1802-1879  1808-1872  1809-1857  1809-1884  1811-1848  1820-1869  Botanical specimens  Buckley, S. B  Carpenter, W. M  Collection and preservation  Convovulaceae  Correspondence  Cruciferae  Curtis, M. A  Cuscuta  Description and travel  Draba  Duerinck, Jean-Baptiste,  Engelmann, George,  Fossils  Letters  Lindheimer, Ferdinand,  Missouri  Rare plants  Rocky Mountains  Saint Louis  Shells  Short, Charles Wilkins,  Shumard, B. F  Texas  Travel  Vitaceae  Vitis  
  8. Correspondence :Egloffstein (Frederick) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: 1809-1884  1813-1890  1824-1885  19th century  Congress  Correspondence  Description and travel  Egloffstein, F. W.,  Engelmann, George,  Frémont, John Charles,  Landscape painting, American  Letters  Political activity  Politics and government  United States  Washington (D.C.)  
  9. Correspondence :Fendler (Augustus) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: 1797-1878  1803-1873  1805-1877  1809-1884  1810-1888  1813-1883  1817-1886  1818-1887  1826-1901  1842-1923  Adventure travel  Albertus-Universität zu Königsberg i. Pr  Arkansas  Army  Botanical specimens  Braun, Alexander,  Cactaceae  Caracas (Venezuela)  Caspary, Robert,  Cereus peruvianus  Collection and preservation  Colonia Tovar (Aragua, Venezuela)  Compositae  Correspondence  Description and travel  Economic aspects  Engelmann, George,  Equipment and supplies  Europe  Fagaceae  Fendler, Augustus,  Finance, Personal  Gray, Asa,  Growth  Helianthus  Henry, Joseph,  Letters  Liliaceae  Matches  Meehan, Thomas,  Meteorology  Observations  Oenothera  Onagraceae  Philadelphia (Pa.)  Plants  Pollination  Prestoe, Henry,  Quercus  Social life and customs  Sullivant, William Starling,  Trinidad  Trinidad and Tobago  Tuckerman, Edward,  United States  Venezuela  Yucca  
  10. Correspondence :Gillman (Henry) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Coe Finch),  (Henry Parker),  (John Milton),  (Stephen Thayer),  1792-1867  1804-1878  1805-1886  1807-1873  1809-1884  1810-1888  1812-1878  1823-1891  1831-1880  1833-1915  Agassiz, Louis,  Antiquities  Austin, C. F  Bigelow, John M  Boott, William,  Botanical specimens  Cactaceae  Correspondence  Description and travel  Ecology  Engelmann, George,  Florida  Gillman, Henry,  Gray, Asa,  Growth  Growth (Plants)  Identification  Isle Royale (Mich.)  Leidy, Joseph,  Letters  Michigan  Mississippi  New Madrid (Mo.)  Olney, Stephen T  Politics and government  Sartwell, H. P  
  11. Correspondence :Gray (Asa) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (1838-1842)  (Albert),  (Charles Horton),  (Cyrus Guernsey),  (Frederick Adolph),  (George Julius),  (George Lincoln),  (Heinrich Karl Daniel),  (Henry Nicholas),  (John Milton),  (Joseph Nicolas),  (Samuel Botsford),  (Stephen Thayer),  (William Hemsley),  (William Henry),  1748-1836  1750-1816  1786-1859  1791-1858  1796-1843  1796-1862  1796-1873  1797-1888  1799-1848  1799-1865  1800-1889  1802-1867  1804-1849  1804-1863  1804-1878  1805-1877  1805-1886  1806-1850  1806-1893  1807-1873  1809-1853  1809-1865  1809-1882  1809-1884  1810-1888  1810-1889  1811-1866  1811-1885  1811-1887  1812-1878  1813-1883  1813-1887  1813-1890  1815-1885  1815-1895  1816-1877  1817-1875  1817-1886  1822-1882  1823-1888  1825-1896  1826-1876  1826-1892  1831-1897  1833-1917  1834-1895  1838-1911  1839-1922  1839-1923  1841-1904  1841-1927  1843-1915  1847-1903  1848-1935  1857  19th century  Abies  Agassiz, Louis,  Araceae  Asclepiadaceae  Asclepias  Bigelow, John M  Bignoniaceae  Bolander, Henry N  Boott, William,  Botanical specimens  Braun, Alexander,  Brunet, Ovide,  Buckley, S. B  Cactaceae  Callitrich  
  12. Correspondence :Gray and Engelmann,
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    Tags: (1838-1842)  (William Henry),  1750-1816  1791-1858  1797-1888  1800-1889  1809-1884  1810-1888  1811-1866  1811-1885  1813-1883  1863-1869  Cactaceae  Callitrichaceae  Callitriche  Compositae  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Europe  Fagaceae  Fendler, Augustus,  German Emperor,  Gray, Asa,  Harvey, William H  I,  Isoetaceae  Isoetes  Juncaceae  Juncus  Meyer, Ernst Heinrich Friedrich,  Nuphar  Nymphaeaceae  Pinaceae  Pinus  Plants  Quercus  Saint Louis (Mo.)  Shaw, Henry,  Sprengel, Christian Konrad,  Succulent plants  United States  United States Exploring Expedition  Vitaceae  Vitis  William  Wright, Charles,  
  13. Correspondence :Gray and Engelmann,
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    Tags: (Cyrus Guernsey),  (George Lincoln),  1809-1884  1810-1888  1838-1911  1839-1923  1841-1927  1843-1915  Abies  Araceae  Aster  Asteraceae  Bignoniaceae  Catalpa  Compositae  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Erigeron  Europe  Fir  Goodale, George L  Gray, Asa,  Greene, Edward Lee,  Lemna  Lemnaceae  Missouri  Pinaceae  Plants  Pringle, Cyrus G  Sargent, Charles Sprague,  Solidago  United States  Wine and wine making  
  14. Correspondence :Hall (James) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (Ferdinand Vandeveer),  1809-1884  1811-1898  1823-1887  1829-1887  Baird, Spencer Fullerton,  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Explorers  Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territor  Geological surveys  Hall, James,  Hayden, F. V  Letters  West (U.S.)  
  15. Correspondence :Hilgard (Eugene) to Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Benjamin Franklin),  (Eugene Woldemar),  (Theodore Charles),  1806-1889  1807-1882  1808-1864  1809-1882  1809-1884  1820-1869  1828-1875  1833-1916  1848-1895  Abies  Academy of Science of St. Louis  Aristolochia  Aristolochiaceae  Correspondence  Darwin, Charles,  Decaisne, Joseph,  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Europe  Hilgard, Eugene W  Hilgard, Theod. C  Juniperus  Labor  Lesquereux, Leo,  Letters  Magnolia  Magnoliaceae  Mississippi River Commission  Pinaceae  Pinus  Scheele, Adolf,  Schultze, Paul  Shumard, B. F  United States  Verbena  Verbenaceae  Vitaceae  Vitis  West (U.S.)  
  16. Correspondence :Hitchcock (George) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (George N.),  1809-1884  18751843-1907  Agave  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Hitchcock, G. N  Letters  Liliaceae  Mescal  Mexico  Transaction of the Academy of Science of St. Louis  Utilization  
  17. Correspondence :Lemmon (John) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Albert),  (Carl Robert),  (Charles Christopher),  (Cyrus Guernsey),  (Henry Nicholas),  (John Frederick),  (John Gill),  (Michael Schuck),  (Sara Allen Plummer),  (William George Washington),  (William Greenwood),  1809-1884  1810-1881  1810-1888  1813-1873  1813-1887  1815-1874  1817-1911  1822-1893  1823-1890  1825-1911  1826-1892  1828-1894  1828-1906  1828-1910  1829-1911  1830-1912  1831-1897  1832-1908  1833-1895  1836-1923  1838-1911  1838-1914  1843-1915  Abies  Arceuthobium  Arizona  Bebb, M. S  Biography  Bolander, Henry N  Botanical specimens  Brewer, William Henry,  California, Southern  Case, Francis M  Chiricahua Indians  Collectors and collecting  Compositae  Coniferae  Correspondence  Cupressaceae  Cupressus  Description and travel  Ecology  Engelmann, George,  Fagaceae  Ford, Henry Chapman,  Fort Grant (Ariz.)  Gentiana  Gentianaceae  Gordon, Alexander,  Gray, Asa,  Greene, Edward Lee,  Harford, W. G. W  Hooker, Joseph Dalton,  Kellogg, A  Lemmon, J. G  Lemmon, S. A. P  Letters  Loranthaceae  Mexico, North  Morse, John F  Muir, John,  Osten-Sacken, C. R  Palmer,  
  18. Correspondence :Ludecus (Eduard) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: 1809-1884  1865-1877  Breeding  Canaries  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Letters  Ludecus, Eduard  Mexico, North  Politics and government  Southwestern States  United States  
  19. Correspondence :Martindale (Isaac) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Charles Christopher),  (Charles Horton),  (George Brown),  1802-1879  1809-1884  1810-1888  1817-1911  1820-1883  1822-1898  1823-1890  1826-1892  1826-1901  1829-1911  1831-1904  1833-1917  1841-1927  1842-1893  1851-1896  1878  Boltonia  Botanical specimens  Bush, Isidor,  Cactaceae  Canby, William Marriott,  Carya  Collection and preservation  Colorado  Compositae  Correspondence  Description and travel  Diseases and pests  Engelmann, George,  Euphorbia  Euphorbiaceae  Fagaceae  Goode, G. Brown  Gray, Asa,  Hooker, Joseph Dalton,  Isoetaceae  Isoetes  Juglandaceae  Juncaceae  Juncus  Letters  Lindheimer, Ferdinand,  Martindale, Isaac C.,  Meehan, Thomas,  New Jersey  Opuntia  Palmer, Edward,  Parker, Charles F  Parry, C. C  Peck, Charles H  Pinaceae  Pinus  Plants  Prunus  Quercus  Rosaceae  Sargent, Charles Sprague,  Vitaceae  Vitis  Watson, Sereno,  
  20. Correspondence :Nicollet and Engelmann,
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (Joseph Nicolas),  1796-1843  1809-1884  1813-1890  Astronomy  Botany  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Fremont, John Charles,  Geology  Missouri River Valley  Nicollet, J. M  United States  
  21. Correspondence :Sargent (Charles) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (Alvan Wentworth),  (Charles Christopher),  (Cyrus Guernsey),  (George Brown),  (George Washington),  (Heinrich Karl Daniel),  (John Gill),  (Marcus Eugene),  (Maxwell Tylden),  (Samuel Botsford),  (Thomas Conrad),  1809-1884  1809-1899  1817-1911  1818-1887  1819-1906  1821-1909  1822-1893  1822-1901  1823-1890  1826-1892  1831-1904  1832-1908  1833-1907  1837-1923  1838-1911  1840-1913  1841-1904  1841-1927  1843-1915  1843-1925  1845-1907  1851-1896  1852-1934  1880  Abies  Agave  Alismataceae  Bignoniaceae  Bolle, Carl August,  Botanical illustration  Botanical specimens  Brandegee, Townshend Stith,  Buckley, S. B  California  Canby, William Marriott,  Carya  Caspary, Robert,  Catalpa  Census, 1880  Chapman, A. W  Correspondence  Crataegus  Cupressaceae  Cupressus  Curtiss, Allen Hiram,  Description and travel  Eggert, Henry  Engelmann, George,  Fagaceae  Goode, G. Brown  Greene, Edward Lee,  Hooker, Joseph Dalton,  Isoetaceae  Isoetes  Jones, Marcus E  Juglandaceae  Juniperus  Lemmon, J. G  Letterman, George W  Letters  Liliaceae  Masters, Maxwell T  Morphology  Parry, C. C  Pa  
  22. Correspondence :Saurman (Benjamin) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Benjamin F.)  (Charles Christopher),  1809-1884  1823-1890  California  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Letters  Parry, C. C  Saurman, Benj. F  
  23. Correspondence :Skinner (Francis) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: 1786-1879  1809-1884  1840-1905  Bigelow, Jacob,  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Letters  Skinner, Francis,  United States  
  24. Correspondence :Slogett (H.) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: 1809-1884  1852-  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Letters  Missouri  Slogett, H. C.,  
  25. Correspondence :Wislizenus (Frederick) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Frederick Adolph),  1792?-1853  1807-1873  1809-1884  1810-1889  1813-1890  Agassiz, Louis,  Armijo, Manuel  Astronomy  Construction industry  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Finance, Personal  Frémont, John Charles,  Letters  Mexican War, 1846-1848  Mexico  Missouri  Patients  Politics, Practical  Saint Louis  Santa Fe (N.M.)  United States  Wislizenus, F. A  
  26. Correspondence :Wright (Charles) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (1852-1854)  (Frederick Adolph),  (James Duncan),  (John Milton),  (William Hemsley),  1796-1873  1799-1865  1802-1879  1803-1873  1804-1878  1809-1884  1810-1888  1810-1889  1811-1885  1811-1887  1813-1883  1817-1886  1840-1918  Agave  Bering Strait  Bigelow, John M  Botanical specimens  Boundaries  Cactaceae  Callitrichaceae  Callitriche  Cereus  Collectors and collecting  Commission on Boundary between the Indian Territor  Coniferae  Correspondence  Cruciferae  Cuba  Description and travel  Echinocactus  Emory, William H  Engelmann, George,  Euphorbiaceae  Fendler, Augustus,  Graham, J. D  Gramineae  Gray, Asa,  Lemna  Lemnaceae  Letters  Liliaceae  Lindheimer, Ferdinand,  Mammillaria (Cactus)  Melocactus  Mexico  Northwest, Pacific  Nymphaea  Nymphaeaceae  Onagraceae  Opuntia  Pereskia  Political and social views  Scientific expeditions  Sullivant, William Starling,  Thomas, Friedrich August Wilhelm,  Torrey, John,  Tuckerman, Edward,  United States  United States Naval Expedition to Japan  University of Cambridge  Wislizenus, F. A  Wolffia  Wright, Charles,  Yucca  
  27. Correspondence :Yarrow (Harry) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (Harry Crécy),  1809-1884  1840-1929  Botanical specimens  Colorado  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Letters  Yarrow, H. C  
  28. Denkschrift über eine Reise nach Nord-Mexiko :verbunden mit der Expedition des Obersten Donniphan, in den Jahren 1846 und 1847 /von A. Wislizenus ; aus dem Englischen übertragen von George M. von Ross.
    Publication Info: Braunschweig [Brunswick] :F. Vieweg,1850.
    Tags: Botany  Description and travel  Doniphan's Expedition, 1846-1847  Kansas  Mexico  New Mexico  
  29. Exploration du territoire de l'Orégon, des Californies et de la mer Vermeille,exécutée pendant les années 1840, 1841 et 1842 /par M. Duflot de Mofras.
    Publication Info: Paris :A. Bertrand,1844.
    Tags: California  Description and travel  History  Oregon  Pacific Coast  Pacific Coast (U.S.)  
  30. Explorations in the Dacota country, in the year 1855 /By Lieut. G. K. Warren, topographical engineer of the "Sioux expedition."
    Publication Info: Washington :A. O. P. Nicholson, Senate printer,1856.
    Tags: Description and travel  Discovery and exploration  United States  West (U.S.)  
  31. The gardens of Italy,by Charles Latham; with descriptions by E. March Phillipps.
    Publication Info: London,New York,Country life ltd., [etc.];Charles Scribner's Sons,1905.
    Tags: Architecture  Description and travel  Gardens  Italy  Landscape gardening  
  32. Journal de la navigation autour du globe, de la frégate La Thétis et de la corvette L'Espérance, pendant les années 1824, 1825 et 1826 :publié par ordre du roi sous les auspices du Département de la marine /par baron de Bougainville.
    Publication Info: Paris :A. Bertrand,1837.
    Tags: Description and travel  L'Espérance (Corvette)  Scientific Expeditions  South America  Thétis (Frigate)  Voyages around the world  
  33. A journey to the Rocky Mountains in the year 1839 /by F. A. Wislizenus, M. D. Tr. from the German, with a sketch of the author's life, by Frederick A. Wislizenus, esq.
    Publication Info: Saint Louis :Missouri historical society,1912.
    Tags: Description and travel  Indians of North America  Rocky Mountains  West (U.S.)  
  34. Memoir of a tour to northern Mexico :connected with Col. Doniphan's expedition, in 1846 and 1847 /by A. Wislizenus.
    Publication Info: Washington :Tippin & Streeper, printers,1848.
    Tags: Botany  Description and travel  Doniphan's Expedition, 1846-1847  Kansas  Mexico  New Mexico  
  35. Narrative of a journey to the shores of the Polar Sea in the years 1819-20-21-22 /by John Franklin.
    Publication Info: London :J. Murray,1824.
    Tags: Arctic regions  British  Description and travel  Discovery and exploration  Natural history  Northwest, Canadian  Scientific expeditions  
  36. Narrative of a journey to the shores of the Polar Sea, in the years 1819, 20, 21, and 22 /by John Franklin ... ; with an appendix on various subjects relating to science and natural history ; illustrated by numerous plates and maps.
    Publication Info: London :John Murray,1823.
    Tags: Arctic regions  British  Description and travel  Discovery and exploration  Natural history  Northwest, Canadian  Scientific expeditions  
  37. Narrative of the exploring expedition to the Rocky mountains in the year 1842, and to Oregon and north California in the years 1843-44 /By Brevet Captain J. C. Fremont . . . Reprinted from the official copy.
    Publication Info: New York,Phildelphia,D. Appleton & company;G. S. Appleton; [etc., etc.]1846.
    Tags: Description and travel  Pacific States  Rocky Mountains  West (U.S.)  
  38. Narrative of the United States exploring expedition.During the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842.By Charles Wilkes... In five volumes, with thirteen maps...
    Publication Info: Philadelphia,1849.
    Tags: (1838-1842)  Antarctica  Description and travel  Hawaii  Oceania  Oregon  South America  United States Exploring Expedition  
  39. A naturalist's wanderings in the Eastern archipelago :a narrative of travel and exploration from 1878 to 1883 /by Henry O. Forbes ; With numerous illustrations from the author's sketches and descriptions by Mr. John B. Gibbs.
    Publication Info: New York :Harper & brothers,1885.
    Tags: Description and travel  Indonesia  Natural history  Plants  
  40. New tracks in North America :a journal of travel and adventure whilst engaged in the survey for a southern railroad to the Pacific ocean during 1867/8 /by W. A. Bell.
    Publication Info: London :Chapman and Hall,1869.
    Tags: Description and travel  Explorations and surveys  Indians of North America  Pacific railroads  Southwest, New  
  41. Notes of a military reconnoissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, including part of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila rivers [House Report: Ex. doc. no.: 41] /By Lieut. Col. W. H. Emory. made in 1846-7, with the advanced guard of the "Army of the "West"
    Publication Info: Washington :Wendell and Van Benthuysen,1848.
    Tags: Description and travel  Discovery and exploration  Southwest, New  United States  
  42. Notes of a military reconnoissance :from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, including parts of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila rivers [Senate Report: Ex. doc. no.: 7] /By W. H. Emory, brevet-major, corps topographical engineers. Made in 1846-7, with the advanced guard of the "Army of the west."
    Publication Info: Washington :Wendell and Van Benthuysen, printer,1848.
    Tags: Description and travel  Discovery and exploration  Southwest, New  United States  
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