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  1. Annals of horticulture in North America;a witness of passing events and a record of progress.
    Publication Info: New York,Rural publishing company, [etc.]
    Tags: (1893 :  Bibliography  Biography  Chicago, Ill.)  Fruit-culture  Gardening  United States  World's Columbian Exposition  
  2. The Belgick, or Netherlandish hesperides :that is, the management, ordering, and use of the limon and orange trees, fitted to the nature and climate of the Netherlands /by S. Commelyn ; made English by G.V.N.
    Publication Info: London :Printed for J. Holford, Bookseller, ... to be sold by Langley Curtis,1683.
    Tags: 1676  17th century  Citrus fruits  Copper engraving  Fruit-culture  Graphic media :  Netherlands  Uncolored  
  3. Flora, seu, De florum cultura, or, A complete florilege :furnished with all the requisites belonging to a florists. In III books /by John Rea ...
    Publication Info: London :Printed by J.G. for Thomas Clarke ... ,1665.
    Tags: Early works to 1800  Floriculture  Fruit-culture  Gardening  
  4. Nederlantze hesperides : dat is, Oeffening en gebruik van de limoen- en oranje-boomen : gestelt na den aardt, en climaat der Nederlanden /met kopere platen verçiert, door J. Commelyn.
    Publication Info: Amsterdam :by Marcus Doornik, Boek-verkooper op den Vygen-dam,1676.
    Tags: 1676  17th century  Citrus fruits  Copper engraving  Fruit-culture  Graphic media :  Netherlands  Uncolored  
  5. Pomona, or, The fruit-garden illustrated :containing sure methods for improving all the best kinds of fruits now extant in England. Calculated from great variety of experiments made in all kinds of soils and aspects. Wherein the manner of raising young stocks, grafting, inoculating, planting, &c. are clearly and fully demonstrated ... Likewise several practical observations on the imbibing power and perspirations of fruit-trees; the several effects of heat and moisture tending to the growth and maturity of fruits. To which is added, a curious account of the most valuable cyder-fruits of Devonshire. The whole illustrated with above three hundred drawings of the several fruits, curiously engraven on seventy-nine large folio plates /by Batty Langley ...
    Publication Info: London :Printed for G. Strahan [and 4 others],1729.
    Tags: Early works to 1800  Fruit  Fruit-culture  Great Britain  Pictorial works  
  6. Traité des arbres fruitiers :contenant leur figure, leur description, leur culture, &c. /par M. Duhamel du Monceau, ...
    Publication Info: A Paris :Chez Saillant, Libraire, ... DeSaint, Libraire, ...,1768.
    Tags: Early works to 1800  Fruit  Fruit-culture  
  7. Treatise on fruit trees :including their pictures, descriptions, cultivations , &c. /by M. Duhamel du Monceau.
    Publication Info: [2008]
    Tags: Early works to 1800  Fruit  Fruit-culture