21 Titles tagged with "History"
  1. A biographical history of botany at St. Louis, Missouri /by Dr. Perley Spaulding.
    Publication Info: [New York :1908-1909]
    Tags: Botany  History  Missouri  Missouri Botanical Garden  Saint Louis  
  2. Canadian horticultural history :an interdisciplinary journal = Histoire de l'horticulture au Canada : revue interdisciplinaire.
    Publication Info: Hamilton, Ont. :Centre for Canadian Historical Horticultural Studies, Royal Botanical Gardens,1985-
    Tags: Canada  History  Horticulture  Periodicals  
  3. Christophori a Costa ... aromatum & medicamentorum in Orientali India nascentium liber /plurimum lucis adferens iis quae à Doctore Garcia de Orta in hoc genere scripta sunt Caroli Clusii Atrebatis opera ex Hispanico sermone Latinus factus, in Epitomen contractus, & quibusdam notis illustratus.
    Publication Info: Antuerpiae :Ex officina Christophori Platini,1582.
    Tags: Botany  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  History  Indonesia  Materia medica, Vegetable  Pre-Linnean works  
  4. Coloured engravings of heaths :The drawings taken from living plants only. With the ... character, full description, native place of growth, and time of flowering of each; in Latin and English ... /by H. C. Andrews.
    Publication Info: London :Published by the Author. Printed by T. Bensley,1802-09 [1830?]
    Tags: 1802  19th century  Botany  England  Erica  Ericaceae  Etching  Graphic media :  Handcolored  History  Pictorial works  
  5. Correspondence :Caruel (Teodoro) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (Giovanni),  (John Lawrence),  (Maxwell Tylden),  1800-1878  1805-1877  1806-1883  1809-1884  1810-1888  1811-1894  1816-1877  1817-1911  1820-1893  1823-1888  1825-1883  1830-1898  1830-1916  1833-1907  1834-1920  1839-1883  1840-1921  1843-1920  Arcangeli, G  Baker, John Gilbert,  Beccari, Odoardo,  Braun, Alexander,  Caruel, Teodoro,  Cesati, Vincenzo,  Correspondence  De Visiani, Roberto,  Diseases and pests  Duchartre, Pierre Etienne Simon,  Engelmann, George,  Fruit  Gray, Asa,  Grossulariaceae  History  Hooker, Joseph Dalton,  LeConte, John L  Letters  Masters, Maxwell T  Morphology  Oliver, Daniel,  Orto botanico "Giardino dei Semplici" (Florence, I  Parlatore, Filippo,  Pasquale, Giuseppe Antonio,  Pedicino, Nicola Antonio  Planchon, Jules-Emile,  Ribes  Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew  Vitaceae  Vitis  
  6. Correspondence :Hayden (Ferdinand) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (Benjamin Franklin),  (Ferdinand Vandeveer),  (Frederick Adolph),  (Gouverneur Kemble),  (John Strong),  (William Franklin),  (William Hemsley),  (William Selby),  1779-1864  1784-1867  1796-1873  1800-1871  1800-1889  1809-1879  1809-1884  1810-1889  1811-1887  1813-1894  1820-1869  1820-1894  1822-1882  1822-1892  1823-1887  1823-1891  1829-1887  1830-1882  -1861  Baird, Spencer Fullerton,  Botanical specimens  Chouteau, Charles P  Civil War, 1861-1865  Collection and preservation  Colorado  Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)  Correspondence  Culbertson, Alexander,  Dewey, Chester,  Discovery and exploration  Emory, William H  Engelmann, George,  Gilpin, William,  Hall, Elihu,  Harney, William S  Hayden, F. V  History  Indians of North America  Kennerly, Caleb Burwell Rowan,  Leidy, Joseph,  Letters  Meteorology  Missouri  Nebraska  Newberry, J. S  Observations  Plants  Raynolds, W. F  Shumard, B. F  Silliman, Benjamin,  Snake River  Torrey, John,  Transportation  United States  Vaughan, Alfred Jefferson,  Warren, G. K  Wislizenus, F. A  Yellowstone National Park  
  7. Correspondence :Jacobi (Georg) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: 1773-1861  1805-1874  1809-1884  1825-1871  1828-1898  19th century  Agave  Botanical specimens  Cactaceae  Civil War, 1861-1865  Cohn, Ferdinand,  Collectors and collecting  Correspondence  Engelmann, George,  Germany  Graf zu,  History  Hybridization  Identification  Illustrations  Jacobi, Georg Albano von  Labouret, J  Letters  Liliaceae  Politics and government  Prussia (Germany)  Salm-Reifferscheidt, Joseph,  Seeds  Seemann, Berthold,  Social conditions  United States  Yucca  
  8. Correspondence :Martius (Karl) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: 1794-1868  1796-1873  1805-1877  1809-1884  1810-1888  Botanical specimens  Braun, Alexander,  Cactaceae  Civil War, 1861-1865  Correspondence  Engelmann, George,  Gray, Asa,  History  Letters  Martius, Karl Friedrich Philipp von,  Receipts (Acknowledgments)  Seeds  Torrey, John,  United States  
  9. Correspondence :Poselger (Heinrich) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (Botanist)  (Frédéric Albert Constantin),  (Friedrich),  (Heinrich),  1773-1861  1805-1860  1805-1874  1805-1877  1809-1884  1817-1884  1818-1883  1830-1903  -1876  Bello y Espinosa, Domingo  Botanical specimens  Braun, Alexander,  Cactaceae  Cereus  Cirsium  Civil War, 1861-1865  Classification  Compositae  Correspondence  Coryphantha  Droege, Oscar U  Echinocactus  Echinocereus  Echinopsis  Engelmann, George,  Epiphyllum  fl. 1858  Germany  Graf zu,  Grafting  History  Jacobi, Georg Albano von  Klotzsch, Fr  Labiatae  Labouret, J  Letters  Mammillaria (Cactus)  Melocactus  Mentha  Opuntia  Pazzani,  Pelecyphora  Pfersdorff, Charles,  Plants  Poselger, H  Prunus  Rhipsalis  Rosaceae  Salm-Reifferscheidt, Joseph,  Seitz, Franz  United States  Verbena  Verbenaceae  Weber, F. A. C  
  10. Correspondence :Seemann (Berthold) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: 1809-1884  1825-1871  Bignoniaceae  Chilopsis linearis  Civil War, 1861-1865  Correspondence  Engelmann, George,  History  Letters  Seemann, Berthold,  United States  
  11. Dreyhundert auserlesene amerikanische Gewächse nach Linneischer Ordnung.
    Publication Info: Nürnberg :Auf Kosten der Raspischen Buchhandlung,[1785]-1789.
    Tags: 18th century  America  Botany  History  Pictorial works  Plants  
  12. Exploration du territoire de l'Orégon, des Californies et de la mer Vermeille,exécutée pendant les années 1840, 1841 et 1842 /par M. Duflot de Mofras.
    Publication Info: Paris :A. Bertrand,1844.
    Tags: California  Description and travel  History  Oregon  Pacific Coast  Pacific Coast (U.S.)  
  13. Grundriss der Kräuterkunde zu Vorlesungen /entworfen von Carl Ludwig Willdenow ...
    Publication Info: Berlin :Bei Haude und Spener,1792
    Tags: 1792  18th century  Botany  Copper engraving  Germany  Graphic media :  History  Textbooks  Uncolored  
  14. Historical address on the early exploration and settlement of the Mississippi valley /by C.C. Parry ; delivered in Davenport, Iowa, January 21st, 1873.
    Publication Info: Davenport, Ia. :Day, Egbert, & Fidlar,1873.
    Tags: Discovery and exploration  History  Mississippi River Valley  New France  
  15. History of the vegetable drugs of the Pharmacopeia of the United States,by John Uri Lloyd with portraits of Charles Rice and Joseph P. Remington.
    Publication Info: Cincinnati, O.,J. U. & C. G. Lloyd,1911.
    Tags: History  Materia medica, Vegetable  Medicinal plants  Pharmacognosy  Pharmacopoeias  U.S  
  16. Hortus Indicus Malabaricus :continens regni Malabarici apud Indos cereberrimi onmis generis plantas rariores, Latinas, Malabaricis, Arabicis, Brachmanum charactareibus hominibusque expressas ... /adornatus per Henricum van Rheede, van Draakenstein, ... et Johannem Casearium ... ; notis adauxit, & commentariis illustravit Arnoldus Syen ...
    Publication Info: Amstelaedami :sumptibus Johannis van Someren, et Joannis van Dyck,1678-1703.
    Tags: 1637?-1691  1678  17th century  Botany  Copper engraving  Graphic media:  History  India  Malabar Coast  Malabar Coast (India)  Pictorial works  Plants  Portraits  Reede tot Drakestein, Hendrik van,  Uncolored  
  17. Remberti Dodonaei mechliniensis medici De frugum historia.
    Publication Info: V. Antverpiae :Ex officina Ioannis Loei,1552.
    Tags: Early works to 1800  History  Plants, Edible  
  18. Report of the exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the year 1842, and to Oregon and North California in the years 1843-'44 /by J.C. Frémont.
    Publication Info: Washington :Gales and Seaton, Printers,1845.
    Tags: Description and travel  Discovery and exploration  History  Pacific States  Rocky Mountains  To 1848  West (U.S.)  
  19. Sketch of the botany of Dr. A. Wislizenus's expedition :Missouri to Santa Fe, Chihuahua, Parras, Saltillo, Monterey and Matamoros.
    Publication Info: Washington :Tippin & Streeper,1848.
    Tags: Botany  History  Mexico  West (U.S.)  
  20. Transactions of the Albany Institute.
    Publication Info: Albany, N.Y. :Webster and Skinners,1830-[1892]
    Tags: Albany (N.Y.)  History  Natural history  New York (State)  Periodicals  
  21. The vine and civilisation :from various sources /by Henry Shaw.
    Publication Info: Saint Louis :[s.n.],1884.
    Tags: History  Viticulture