2 Titles tagged with "Papau New Guinea"
  1. Examen classis dioeciae.
    Publication Info: UpsaliƦ :excudebant Palmblad et c.,1825.
    Tags: (Nathaniel),  1786-1854  Australia  Bogor  China  Dimorphism (Plants)  Forests and forestry  Herbarium  India  Indonesia  Musci  New Guinea  Papau New Guinea  Papua New Guinea  Plants  Wallich, N  
  2. The forest resources of the territories of Papua and New Guineareport by C.E. Lane-Poole.
    Publication Info: [Melbourne]:Printed and Pub. for the government of the commonwealth of Australia by H.J. Green, government printer for the State of Victoria, [1925]
    Tags: Forests and forestry  New Guinea  Papau New Guinea  Papua New Guinea  Plants