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  1. Annual report Missouri Botanical Garden.
    Publication Info: St. Louis :Board of Trustees,1890-1912.
    Tags: Botanical gardens  Missouri  Missouri Botanical Garden  Periodicals  Saint Louis  
  2. A biographical history of botany at St. Louis, Missouri /by Dr. Perley Spaulding.
    Publication Info: [New York :1908-1909]
    Tags: Botany  History  Missouri  Missouri Botanical Garden  Saint Louis  
  3. Correspondence :Behr (Hans) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (Albert),  (Hans Herman),  (Henry Nicholas),  1809-1884  1813-1887  1818-1904  1822-1906?  1831-1897  Behr, H. H  Bolander, Henry N  Botanical specimens  Butterflies  California  California Academy of Sciences  Collection and preservation  Correspondence  Engelmann, George,  Kellogg, A  Letters  Missouri  Saint Louis  Sander, Enno,  
  4. Correspondence :Buckley (Samuel) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Benjamin Franklin),  (Moses Ashley),  (Samuel Botsford),  (William Marbury),  1794-1863  1802-1879  1808-1872  1809-1857  1809-1884  1811-1848  1820-1869  Botanical specimens  Buckley, S. B  Carpenter, W. M  Collection and preservation  Convovulaceae  Correspondence  Cruciferae  Curtis, M. A  Cuscuta  Description and travel  Draba  Duerinck, Jean-Baptiste,  Engelmann, George,  Fossils  Letters  Lindheimer, Ferdinand,  Missouri  Rare plants  Rocky Mountains  Saint Louis  Shells  Short, Charles Wilkins,  Shumard, B. F  Texas  Travel  Vitaceae  Vitis  
  5. Correspondence :Collet (Oscar) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Oscar Wilkes),  1809-1884  1821-1904  Collet, Oscar W  Correspondence  Engelmann, George,  History, Local  Letters  Missouri  Natural history  Saint Louis  Saint Louis (Mo.)  
  6. Correspondence :Göbel (David) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Frederick Adolph),  1787-1872  1809-1884  1810-1889  1824-1885  1854  Correspondence  Egloffstein, F. W.,  Engelmann, George,  Göbel, David W.,  Letters  Louisiana  Meteorology  Missouri  New Orleans  Observations  Saint Louis  Solar eclipses  Wislizenus, F. A  
  7. Correspondence :Hinrichs (Gustavus) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: 1809-1884  1836-1923  Correspondence  Engelmann, George,  Hinrichs, Gustavus Detlef,  Letters  Missouri  Saint Louis  Temperature measurements  
  8. Correspondence :Snyder (John) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: 1809-1884  1830-1921  Correspondence  Engelmann, George,  Letters  Missouri  Museums  Saint Louis  Snyder, John Francis,  
  9. Correspondence :Wislizenus (Frederick) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Frederick Adolph),  1792?-1853  1807-1873  1809-1884  1810-1889  1813-1890  Agassiz, Louis,  Armijo, Manuel  Astronomy  Construction industry  Correspondence  Description and travel  Engelmann, George,  Finance, Personal  Frémont, John Charles,  Letters  Mexican War, 1846-1848  Mexico  Missouri  Patients  Politics, Practical  Saint Louis  Santa Fe (N.M.)  United States  Wislizenus, F. A  
  10. Correspondence :Wyman (Jeffries) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: 1809-1884  1814-1874  Correspondence  Engelmann, George,  Indians of North America  Letters  Material culture  Missouri  Saint Louis  Wyman, Jeffries,  
  11. Missouri Botanical Garden invites you to know our trees.
    Publication Info: [St. Louis] :Missouri Botanical Garden,1990.
    Tags: Identification  Missouri  Missouri Botanical Garden  Plants  Saint Louis  Trees  
  12. Plat book of property owned by Henry Shaw in the city of St. Louis.
    Publication Info: St. Louis : Sterling & Webster Abstract Co.
    Tags: 1800-1889  Maps  Missouri  Real property  Saint Louis  Saint Louis (Mo.)  Shaw, Henry,  Streets  
  13. Transactions of the Academy of Science of St. Louis.
    Publication Info: [St. Louis :Academy of Science of St. Louis],1860-1958.
    Tags: Academy of Science of St. Louis  Missouri  Saint Louis  Science  Societies, etc