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  1. [Gart der Gesundheit].
    Publication Info: [Augspurg :Gedruckt und volendet diser Herbariums durch Hamsen Schönsperger,1487]
    Tags: Botany  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  Herbs  Materia medica  Medicine, Medieval  Natural history  Pre-Linnean works  Therapeutic use  
  2. [R]ogatu plurimo[rum] inopu[m] num[m]o[rum] egentiu[m] appotecas refuta[n]tiu[m] occasione illa, q[uia] necessaria ibide[m] ad corp[us] egru[m] specta[n]tia su[n]t cara simplicia et composita ...
    Publication Info: [Mainz :Peter Schoeffer,1484]
    Tags: Botany  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  Herbals  Herbs  Materia medica, Vegetable  Medicinal plants  Medicine, Medieval  Pictorial works  Pre-Linnean works  Therapeutic use  
  3. An account of the foxglove, and some of its medical uses:with practical remarks on dropsy, and other diseases /by William Withering.
    Publication Info: Birmingham :Printed by M. Swinney for G.G.J. and J. Robinson ... London,1785.
    Tags: Digitalis  Materia medica, Vegetable  Scrophulariaceae  Therapeutic use  
  4. A curious herbal :containing five hundred cuts, of the most useful plants, which are now used in the practice of physick engraved on folio copper plates, after drawings taken from the life /by Elizabeth Blackwell. To which is added a short description of ye plants and their common uses in physick.
    Publication Info: London : Printed for Samuel Harding, 1737-1739.
    Tags: Early works to 1800  Herbs  Medicinal plants  Pictorial works  Therapeutic use  
  5. Die Schrift des Monardes über die Arzneimittel Americas :nach der lateinischen Übertragung des Clusius aus dem Jahre 1579, simplicium medicamentorum ex novo orbe delatorum, quorum in medicina usus est, historia /übersetzt und erläutert von Karl Stünzner ; mit einem Vorwort von Erich Harnack.
    Publication Info: Halle a.S. :Niemeyer,1895.
    Tags: Botany  Botany, Medical  Herbals  Herbs  North America  Pre-Linnean works  South America  Therapeutic use  
  6. Euricii Cordi, Simesusii medici, Botanologicon.
    Publication Info: Coloniae :Apud Ioannem Gymnicum,1534.
    Tags: Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  Herbs  Medicinal plants  Therapeutic use  
  7. The family herbal;or, An account of all those English plants, which are remarkable for their virtues, and of the drugs which are produced by vegetables of other countries; with their descriptions and their uses, as proved by experience /by Sir John Hill.
    Publication Info: London,George Virtue[1812?]
    Tags: Botany, Medical  Great Britain  Herbs  Plants  Therapeutic use  
  8. Ioannis Guintherii Andernaci medici Commentarius de balneis, & aquis medicatis in tres dialogos distinctus.
    Publication Info: Argentorati [Strasbourg, France] :[Excudebat Theodosius Rihelius,anno M.D. LXV] [1565]
    Tags: Balneology  Baths  Early works to 1800  Medicine  Mineral waters  Therapeutic use  
  9. New principles of gardening, or, The laying out and planting parterres, groves, wildernesses, labyrinths, avenues, parks, &c. :after a more grand and rural manner, than has been done before with experimental directions for raising the several kinds of fruit-trees, forest-trees, ever-greens and flowering-shrubs with which gardens are adorn'd. To which is added, the various names, descriptions, temperatures, medicinal virtues, uses and cultivations of several roots, pulse, herbs, &c. of the kitchen and physick gardens, that are absolutely necessary for the service of families in general. Illustrated with great variety of grand designs, curiously engraven on twenty-eight folio plates, by the best hands /by Batty Langley of Twickenham.
    Publication Info: London :Printed for A. Bettesworth and J. Batley [and 4 others],1728.
    Tags: Early works to 1800  Gardening  Herbs  Landscape gardening  Therapeutic use  
  10. On the medical properties of the natural order Ranunculaceae :and more particularly on the uses of sabadilla seeds, Delphinium straphisagria and Aconitum napellus, and their alcaloids, veratrai, sabadiline, delphinia, and aconitine /by A. Turnbull.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia :Haswell, Barrington, and Haswell,1838.
    Tags: Aconitum  Botany, Medical  Delphinium  Materia medica, Vegetable  Ranunculaceae  Therapeutic use  
  11. P. Dioscoridae pharmacorum simplicium reiq[ue] medicae libri VIII /Io. Ruellio interprete ; una cum Herrn. Barbari Corollariis, & Marc. Vergilii, in singula capita cẽnsuris, sive annotationibus, adiecto indice duplici singuloru[m] simplicium & difficilium terminorum praeter alia multa, quae in prefatione indicantur quaeq[ue] in prioribus aeditionibus desyderabantur.
    Publication Info: In inclyta Argentorato [Strasbourg] :Apud Io. Schottum,1529.
    Tags: Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  Herbals  Herbs  Materia medica  Medicine, Greek and Roman  Therapeutic use  
  12. Tabacologia :hoc est Tabaci, seu nicotianae descriptio medico-cheirurgico-pharmaceutica, vel, ejus praeparatio et usus in omnibus fermè corporis humani incõmodis /per Johannem Neandrum ...
    Publication Info: Lugduni Batavorum :Ex Officina Isaaci Elzeviri ...,1626.
    Tags: Early works to 1800  Nicotiana  Solanaceae  Therapeutic use  Tobacco  
  13. The useful family herbal, or, An account of all those English plants, which are remarkable for their virtues :and of the drugs, which are produced by vegetables of other countries : with their descriptions, and their uses, as proved by experience : illustrated with figures of the most useful English plants : with an introduction ... and an appendix containing a proposal for the farther seeking into the virtues of English herbs, and the manner of doing it with ease and safety : the whole intended for the use of families, and for the instruction of those who are desirous of relieving the distressed sick /by John Hill ...
    Publication Info: London :Printed for W. Johnston ... and :W. Owen ...,1755.
    Tags: Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  Great Britain  Herbs  Materia medica, Vegetable  Therapeutic use