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  1. ... Vernatio arborum /quam ... præsidio ... Doct. Caroli Linnæi ... ; publico examini submittit, Haraldus Barck ... d.v. maji ann. mdccliii.
    Publication Info: Upsaliæ :exc. L.M. Ho̊jer,[1753]
    Tags: 18th century  Academic dissertations  Leaves  Sweden  Trees  
  2. Afbeeldingen der fraaiste, meest uitheemsche boomen en heesters :die tot versiering van Engelsche bosschen en tuinen, op onzen grond, kunnen geplant en gekweekt worden : benevens de beschrijving van derzelver kenmerken, voortkweeking, nuttigheden en andere bijzonderheden, ingericht om aan de liefhebbers van zodanige bosschen of tuinen de kennis van dezelve zo aangenaam als nuttig te maken /door J.C. Krauss.
    Publication Info: Amsterdam :J. Allart,1802.
    Tags: Pictorial works  Shrubs  Trees  
  3. Correspondence :Booth (John Cornelius) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: 1809-1884  1817-1911  1821-1909  1836-1909  Bolle, Carl August,  Booth, John Cornelius,  Correspondence  Engelmann, George,  Hooker, Joseph Dalton,  Letters  North America  Pinaceae  Pinus douglasiana  Trees  
  4. Correspondence :Dawson (George) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: 1809-1884  1824-1902  1831-1920  1841-1927  1849-1901  Abies  Correspondence  Dawson, George Mercer,  Dispersal  Engelmann, George,  Fagaceae  Identification  Juncaceae  Letters  Macoun, John,  Northwestern States  Pinaceae  Pinus  Plants  Quercus  Sargent, Charles Sprague,  Selwyn, Alfred Richard Cecil,  Trees  
  5. Correspondence :Meehan (Thomas) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (1827-1901)  (Aubrey Henry)  (Charles Eastwick)  (George Washington),  (Joseph Hinson),  (Thomas Conrad),  (William St. Julian)  1786-1859  1799-1865  1800-1889  1806-1893  1809-1884  1810-1888  1811-1875  1812-1878  1813-1887  1814-1875  1815-1891  1815-1895  1816-1893  1817-1893  1820-1883  1820-1900  1822-1901  1824-1909  1826-1901  1829-1903  1832-1904  1838-1888  1839-1922  1840-1913  Bark  Beecher, Henry Ward,  Breeding  Burk, Issac,  Candolle, Alphonse de,  Correspondence  Ecology  Embryos  Engelmann, George,  Fertilization of plants  Gramineae  Gray, Asa,  Growth  Growth (Plants)  Hoopes, Josiah,  Lapham, Increase Allen,  Letterman, George W  Letters  Lindley, John,  Mazyck, W. St. J  Meehan, Thomas,  Mellichamp, J. H  Murray, Andrew,  Nuttall, Thomas,  Parker, Charles F  Pinaceae  Pinus  Plants  Plants, Flowering of  Porter, Thomas C  Prang, Louis,  Redfield, John Howard,  Rothrock, Joseph T.,  Schott, Arthur,  Shaw, Henry,  Smith, Aubrey H  Smith, Charles E  Spruce, Richard,  Trees  Tryon, George W  Variation  Wood  
  6. Correspondence :Peck (Charles) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Charles Horton),  (George William),  1805-1877  1807-1885  1809-1884  1810-1881  1810-1888  1816-1882  1833-1917  Arceuthobium  Braun, Alexander,  Clinton, George W  Correspondence  Engelmann, George,  Fungi  Gray, Asa,  Juncaceae  Juncus  Leggett, William Henry,  Letters  Loranthaceae  Mears, Ellis  Peck, Charles H  Plant ecology  Trees  Wood, Alphonso,  
  7. Correspondence :Purkyně (Emanuel) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: 1809-1884  1831-1882  1834-1922  America  Anacardiaceae  Coniferae  Correspondence  Crassulaceae  Cupressaceae  Deforestation  Effect of cold on  Engelmann, George,  Environmental aspects  Fagaceae  Focke, Wilhelm Olbers,  Forest influences  Forestry schools and education  Identification  Juglandaceae  Leguminosae  Letters  Loranthaceae  Magnoliaceae  Names, Personal  Pinaceae  Pinus  Plants  Purkyně, Emanuel,  Quercus  Rhus  Rosaceae  Salicaceae  Taxaceae  Trees  Ulmaceae  Ulmus  Vegetation and climate  
  8. Correspondence :Sargent (Charles) and Engelmann (George),
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    Tags: (Alvan Wentworth),  (Charles Christopher),  (Cyrus Guernsey),  (George Brown),  (George Washington),  (Heinrich Karl Daniel),  (John Gill),  (Marcus Eugene),  (Maxwell Tylden),  (Samuel Botsford),  (Thomas Conrad),  1809-1884  1809-1899  1817-1911  1818-1887  1819-1906  1821-1909  1822-1893  1822-1901  1823-1890  1826-1892  1831-1904  1832-1908  1833-1907  1837-1923  1838-1911  1840-1913  1841-1904  1841-1927  1843-1915  1843-1925  1845-1907  1851-1896  1852-1934  1880  Abies  Agave  Alismataceae  Bignoniaceae  Bolle, Carl August,  Botanical illustration  Botanical specimens  Brandegee, Townshend Stith,  Buckley, S. B  California  Canby, William Marriott,  Carya  Caspary, Robert,  Catalpa  Census, 1880  Chapman, A. W  Correspondence  Crataegus  Cupressaceae  Cupressus  Curtiss, Allen Hiram,  Description and travel  Eggert, Henry  Engelmann, George,  Fagaceae  Goode, G. Brown  Greene, Edward Lee,  Hooker, Joseph Dalton,  Isoetaceae  Isoetes  Jones, Marcus E  Juglandaceae  Juniperus  Lemmon, J. G  Letterman, George W  Letters  Liliaceae  Masters, Maxwell T  Morphology  Parry, C. C  Pa  
  9. Forest flora of British Burma /By S. Kurz.
    Publication Info: Calcutta :Office of the superintendent of government printing,1877.
    Tags: Burma  Trees  
  10. Hortus Europae americanus, or, A collection of 85 curious trees and shrubs :the produce of North America, adapted to the climates and soils of Great-Britain, Ireland, and most parts of Europe, &c together with their blossoms, fruits and seeds, observations on their culture, growth, constitution and virtues, with directions how to collect, pack up and secure them in their passage /by Mark Catesby.
    Publication Info: London :Printed for J. Millan,1767.
    Tags: Early works to 1800  North America  Plants  Shrubs  Trees  Woody plants  
  11. Illustriertes Handbuch der Laubholzkunde :Charakteristik der in Mitteleuropa heimischen und im freien angepflanzten angiospermen Gehölz-Arten und Formen mit Ausschluss der Bambuseen und Kakteen /von Camillo Karl Schneider ...
    Publication Info: Jena :G. Fischer,1906-12.
    Tags: Trees  
  12. The indigenous trees of the Hawaiian Islands /by Joseph F. Rock ; with two hundred and fifteen photo-engravings.
    Publication Info: Honolulu, T.H. :[s.n.],1913.
    Tags: Hawaii  Trees  
  13. Journal of the Arnold Arboretum.
    Publication Info: Cambridge, Mass. :Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University [etc.],1919-
    Tags: North America  Periodicals  Shrubs  Trees  
  14. Missouri Botanical Garden invites you to know our trees.
    Publication Info: [St. Louis] :Missouri Botanical Garden,1990.
    Tags: Identification  Missouri  Missouri Botanical Garden  Plants  Saint Louis  Trees  
  15. Plantae Wilsonianae :an enumeration of the woody plants collected in western China for the Arnold arboretum of Harvard university during the years 1907, 1908, and 1910 /by E. H. Wilson, ed. by Charles Sprague Sargent.
    Publication Info: Cambridge : The University press, 1913-17.
    Tags: Botany  China  Trees  
  16. The silva of North America :a description of the trees which grow naturally in North America exclusive of Mexico /by Charles Sprague Sargent ... illustrated with figures and analyses drawn from nature by Charles Edward Faxon ...
    Publication Info: Boston,New York :Houghton, Mifflin and company,1891-1902.
    Tags: 1846-1918  Faxon, Charles Edward,  North America  Plants  Trees  
  17. Sylva telluriana :Mantis. synopt. : new genera and species of trees and shrubs of North America, and other regions of the earth : omitted or mistaken by the botanical authors and compilers, or not properly classified, now reduced by their natural affinities to the proper natural orders and tribes /By C.S. Rafinesque ; being a supplement to the Flora telluriana.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia : Printed for the author and publisher, 1838.
    Tags: North America  Shrubs  Trees  
  18. Traite des arbres forestiers :ou histoire et description des arbres indigenes ou naturalises... /par M. Jaume Saint-Hilaire. Ouvrage precede d'une instruction sur la culture des arbres, par M. Thouin...
    Publication Info: Paris :de l'Imprimerie de Firmin Didot,1824.
    Tags: Arboriculture  France  Trees  
  19. Traite des arbrisseaux et des arbustes cultives en France et en pleine terre /par M. Jaume Saint-Hilaire.
    Publication Info: Paris : chez l'auteur, 1825.
    Tags: Botany  France  Shrubs  Trees  
  20. Treatise on forest trees, or, The natural history and description of native or naturalized trees with trunks between thirty and one hundred twenty feet high that are used in civil construction and shipbuilding /by M. Jaume Saint-Hilaire ; with a guide to the cultivation of trees, by M. Thouin, professor at the King's Garden ; translated by Julian B. Fleischman in collaboration with Missouri Botanical Garden.
    Publication Info:
    Tags: Arboriculture  France  Plants  Trees  
  21. Treatise on trees and shrubs grown in France and in the countryside /by M. Jaume Saint-Hilaire ; prefaced with a guide to growing trees and shrubs by M. Thouin.
    Publication Info: [2008]
    Tags: France  Plants  Shrubs  Trees  
  22. Trees and shrubs :illustrations of new or little known ligneous plants, prepared chiefly from material at the Arnold Arboreum of Harvard University /and edited by Charles Sprague Sargent.
    Publication Info: Boston :New York ;Houghton, Mifflin,1905-1913.
    Tags: Shrubs  Trees  Woody plants  
  23. Vollständige Beschreibung und Abbildung der Sämmtlichen Holzarten, welche im mittlern und nördlichen Deutschland wild wachsen :Für Gutsbesitzer, Forstmänner, Oekonomen und Freunde der Natur /Nach den besten Hülfsmitteln bearb. und hrsg. von F. L. Krebs.
    Publication Info: Braunschweig :Druck und Papier von F. Vieweg und Sohn,1826.
    Tags: Botany  Germany  Trees