5 Titles tagged with "Viticulture"
  1. Chorlton's Grape growers' guide :A hand-book of the cultivation of the exotic grape /By William Chorlton.
    Publication Info: New York :O. Judd co.,1894.
    Tags: Grapes  Viticulture  
  2. Correspondence :Meusebach (John) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (William Hemsley),  1802-1879  1808-1864  1809-1884  1811-1887  1812-1897  1822-1898  1826-1892  -1851  Agave  Berlandier, Jean Louis,  Bignoniaceae  Boundaries  Bush, Isidor,  Cactaceae  Catalpa  Cereus  Comanche Indians  Correspondence  Dasylirion  Discovery and exploration  Emory, William H  Engelmann, George,  Fagaceae  Leguminosae  Letters  Liliaceae  Lindheimer, Ferdinand,  Lipan Indians  Meusebach, John O.,  Mexico  Mimosa  Opuntia  Quercus  Scheele, Adolf,  Sophora  United States  Vitaceae  Viticulture  Vitis  Watson, Sereno,  Yucca  
  3. Illustrated descriptive catalogue of American grape vines :a grape growers' manual /by Bush & Son & Meissner.
    Publication Info: St. Louis :R.P. Studley & Co.,1883.
    Tags: United States  Varieties  Vitaceae  Viticulture  Vitis  
  4. Illustrated descriptive catalogue of American grape-vines :with brief directions for their culture /by Bush & son & Meissner.
    Publication Info: Saint Louis :R.P. Studley,1875.
    Tags: United States  Varieties  Vitaceae  Viticulture  Vitis  
  5. The vine and civilisation :from various sources /by Henry Shaw.
    Publication Info: Saint Louis :[s.n.],1884.
    Tags: History  Viticulture