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  1. Afbeeldingen van zeldzaame gewassen /door Nicolaas Meerburgh ...
    Publication Info: Te Leyden : By Johannes le Mair, 1775.
    Tags: 1775  Botany  Early works to 1800  Icones  Lepidoptera  Netherlands  Pictorial works  rbgenr  
  2. Annales de flore et de pomone :ou journal des jardins et des champs.
    Publication Info: Paris :Rousselon, Libraire-Éditeur,1832-[1848]
    Tags: 1832  19th century  Botany  Copper engraving  France  Graphic media :  Hand-colored  Horticulture  Icones  Lithograph  Periodicals  rbgenr  
  3. Aromatvm, et simplicivm aliqvot medicamentorvm apvd Indos nascentivm historia:primùm quidem Lusitanica lingua per dialogos /conscripta, à D. Garçia ab Horto, proregis Indiæ medico; deinde Latino sermone in epitomen contracta, & iconibus ad viuum expressis, locupletioribuso annotatiunculis illustrata à Carolo Clvsio Atrebate.
    Publication Info: Antverpiæe :ex officina Plantiniana, apud viduam, & Ionnem Moretum,1593.
    Tags: 1593  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  Graphic media :  Herbal  India  Indonesia  Materia medica  Materia-medica  rbgenr  Uncolored  Woodcut  
  4. The Botanical register :consisting of coloured figures of ...
    Publication Info: London : Printed for James Ridgway, 1815-1828.
    Tags: 1815  19th century  Botany  Copper engravings  England  Graphic media :  Great Britain  Hand-colored  Icones  Periodicals  Pictorial works  Plant introduction  Plants, Ornamental  rbgenr  
  5. The Botanist :containing accurately coloured figures of tender and hardy ornamental plants; with descriptions, scientific and popular; intended to convey both moral and intellectual gratification.
    Publication Info: London :New York : [etc., etc.],Published by R. Groombridge ;[1836-42]
    Tags: 1836  19th century  Botany  England  Graphic media  Hand-colored  Icones  Periodicals  Pictorial works  Plants, Ornamental  rbgenr  Steel engraving  
  6. Botanologia, the English herbal, or, History of plants :containing ... their names ... , species ... , descriptions ... , places of growth ... , times of flowering and seeding ... , qualities ... , specifications ... , preparations ... , virtues ... , a complete florilegium ... , adorned with exquisite icons or figures ... The whole in alphabetical order /by William Salmon, M.D.
    Publication Info: London :Printed by I. Dawks, for H. Rhodes ... and J. Taylor ... ,1710.
    Tags: Early works to 1800  Herbals  Materia medica, Vegetable  Plants  Pre-Linnean works  rbgenr  
  7. Correspondence :Shaw (Henry) and Engelmann (George),
    Publication Info:
    Tags: (Adolphus),  (Charles Christopher),  (Frederick Adolph),  1785-1865  1800-1889  1804-1878  1805-1877  1807-1873  1808-1852  1809-1884  1810-1888  1810-1889  1822-1892  1823-1890  1843-1899  Acer  Aceraceae  Agassiz, Louis,  Appropriations and expenditures  Asparagaceae  Botanical gardens  Botanical specimens  Braun, Alexander,  Correspondence  Curatorship  Engelmann, George,  Fagaceae  Gray, Asa,  Haage & Schmidt  Hooker, William Jackson,  Letters  Liliaceae  Missouri Botanical Garden  Parry, C. C  Pope, John,  Quercus  rbgenr  Reuss, A  Riehl, Nicholas,  Saint Louis (Mo.)  Sapindaceae  Shaw, Henry,  Sir,  Vilmorin, Henry Lévêque de,  Wislizenus, F. A  Yucca  
  8. Crŭÿde boeck :in den welcken die geheele historie dat es tgheslacht, tfatsoen, nae[m], natuere, cracht ende werckinghe, van den cruyden, niet alleen hier te lande wassende, maer oock van de[n] andere[n] Vremde[n] in der medecynen oorboorlijck, met grooter neersticheyt begrepen ende verclaert es, met der seluer cruyden natuerlijck naer dat leuen conterfeytsel daer by ghestelt /duer D. Rembert Dodoens ... Van nieuws ouersien, ende met seer veel schoone nieuwe figueren vermeerdert.
    Publication Info: Gheprint Thantwerpen :In die Cammerstrate inden Arent seghen Scarabaeum by my Jan vander Loe,1563.
    Tags: 1563  Belgium  Botany  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  Herbals  Pre-Linnean works  rbgenr  
  9. Dissertationes academicae Vpsaliae habitae svb praesidio Carol. Petr. Thvnberg ...
    Publication Info: Gottingae :Apvd Ioann. Christian. Dieterich,1799-1801.
    Tags: 1799  18th century  Academie dissertations  Copper engraving  Early works to 1800  Graphic media :  Natural history  Plants  rbgenr  Sweden  Uncolored  
  10. Edwards's botanical register.
    Publication Info: London : James Ridgway, 1829-1847.
    Tags: 1829  19th century  Botany  Copper engraving  England  Graphic media :  Great Britain  Hand-colored  Icones  Periodicals  Pictorial works  Plant introduction  Plants, Ornamental  rbgenr  
  11. Favourite flowers of garden and greenhouse /by Edward Step ... ; the cultural directions edited by William Watson ... ; illustrated with three hundred and sixteen coloured plates, selected and arranged by D. Bois.
    Publication Info: London and New York :Frederick Warne & co.,1896-97.
    Tags: 19th century  Chromolithography  Floriculture  France  Icones  Plants, Ornamental  rbgenr  
  12. The florist :containing sixty plates of the most beautiful flowers regularly disposed in their succession of blowing. To which is added an accurate description of their colours with instructions for drawing and painting according to nature : being a new work intended for the use & amusement of gentlemen and ladies delighting in that art.
    Publication Info: London :Printed for Robt. Sayer ..., T. Bowles ..., John Bowles & Son,[1760]
    Tags: 18th century  Botanical illustration  Coloring books  Drawing books  Early works to 1800  England  rbgenr  
  13. Florum, et coronarianum odoratarumque nonnullarum herbarum historia /Remberto Dodonaeo ... auctore.
    Publication Info: Antuerpiae :Ex officina Christophori Plantini,1569.
    Tags: 1569  16th century  Aromatic plants  Belgium  Botany  Early works to 1800  Flowers  Graphic media :  Herbals  Icones  Pre-Linnean works  rbgenr  Uncolored  Woodcut  
  14. The herball, or, Generall historie of plantes /gathered by John Gerarde of London master in chirurgerie ; very much enlarged and amended by Thomas Johnson citizen and apothecarye of London.
    Publication Info: London :Printed by Adam Islip, Joice Norton and Richard Whitakers,1636.
    Tags: 1636  Botany  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  England  Herbals  Materia medica, Vegetable  Pre-Linnean works  rbgenr  
  15. The Herball, or, Generall historie of plantes /gathered by John Gerarde of London, master in chirurgerie.
    Publication Info: Imprinted at LondonBy Iohn Norton,1597.
    Tags: 1597  Botany  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  England  Herbals  Materia medica, Vegetable  Pre-Linnean works  rbgenr  
  16. Herbarium Blackwellianum emendatum et auctum, id est, Elisabethae Blackwell collectio stirpium :quae in pharmacopoliis ad medicum usum asseruantur, quarum descriptio et vires ex Anglico idiomate in Latinum conversae sistuntur figurae maximam partem ad naturale exemplar emendantur floris fructusque partium repraesentatione augentur et probatis botanicorum nominibus illustrentur. Cum praefatione Tit. Pl. D.D. Christophori Iacobi Trew ; excudit figuras pinxit atque in aes incidit Nicolaus Fridericus Eisenbergerus ...
    Publication Info: Norimbergae : Typis Io. Iosephi Fleischmanni, 1750-1773.
    Tags: Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  Herbals  rbgenr  
  17. Hortus Peruvanius medicinalis, or, The South-Sea herbal :containing the names, figures, use, &c. of divers medicinal plants, lately discovered by Pere L. Feuillèe, one of the King of France's herbalists, to which are added, the figures, &c. of divers American gum-trees, dying woods, drugs, as the Jesuits bark-tree and others, much desired and very necessary to be known by all such as now traffick to the South-Seas, or reside in those parts.
    Publication Info: London :[s.n.,1715]
    Tags: 1715  Botany  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  England  Herbals  Medicinal plants  Peru  Pre-Linnean works  rbgenr  
  18. Icones Farlowianae :illustrations of the larger Fungi of eastern North America /by William Gilson Farlow ; with descriptive text by Edward Angus Burt.
    Publication Info: Cambridge, Mass. :The Farlow Library and Herbarium of Harvard University,1929.
    Tags: 1929  Fungi  Icones  North America  rbgenr  United States  
  19. Icones stirpium, seu, Plantarum tam exoticarum, quam indigenarum :in gratiam rei herbariae studiosorum in duas partes digestae : cum septem linguarum indicibus, ad diuersarum nationum vsum.
    Publication Info: Antuerpiae :Ex officina plantiniana :Apud Viduam et Ioannem Moretum,1591.
    Tags: Botany  Icones  Identification  Pictorial works  Plants  Pre-Linnean works  rbgenr  
  20. Journal et flore des jardins.
    Publication Info: Paris :Rousselon, Libraire-Éditeur ...,1832.
    Tags: 1832  19th century  Copper engravings  France  Graphic media :  Hand-colored  Horticulture  Icones  Periodicals  rbgenr  
  21. Kreüter Buch :darinn underscheidt Namen unnd Würckung der Kreütter, Stauden, Hecken und Beümen, sampt iren früchten, so inn Teütschen Landen wachsen, auch der selbigen eigentlicher unnd wolgegründter Gebrauch in der Artznei, fleissig dargeben, Leibs gesundtheit zu fürden unnd zu behalten, sehr nutzlich und tröstlich, vorab dem gemeinen einfaltigen Man /durch H. Hieronymum Bock auss langwiriger und gewisser erfarung beschriben ; und jetzund von newem fleissig ubersehen gebessert unnd gemehret darzü mit hüpschen Artigen und läblichen Figuren der Kreütter allenthalben gezieret, darüber findest du drei volkommene nutzliche Register under welchen das erst die gemeine Latinische und Griechische Namen der Kreütter, Stauden, Hecken und Beümen hat, das ander die Teütsche das dritt die anzeig der Artznei und raht für allerlei kranckheiten und leibs gepresten.
    Publication Info: Gedruckt zu Strassburg :[Durch Josiam Rihel],1560.
    Tags: 1560  Botany  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  Germany  Germany (East)  Germany (West)  Herbals  Medicinal plants  Pre-Linnean works  rbgenr  
  22. Kreüterbuch contrafayt vollkummen nach rechter warer beschreibung der alten leerer und ärtzt :sampt einer gemeynen ynleytung der Kreuter urhab erkatnussz brauch lob un herzlicheit /durch Otho Brunfels.
    Publication Info: Brunfels. Strasszburg [France] :Hans Schotten,1534.
    Tags: 1534  Botany  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  France  Herbals  Medicinal plants  Pre-Linnean works  rbgenr  
  23. Kreuterbůch von natürlichem Nutz und gründtlichem Gebrauch der Kreuter, Bäum, Gesteud unnd Früchten :fürnemlish Teutscher Lande. Desgleichen der Gethier Edlen gesteyn Metal und anderer Simplicien und Stucken der Arznei. Mit aller deren fleissiger Beschreibung und leblichen Abconterfeytungen. Distillierns Berendtschafft und Bericht Kostbarliche Wasser zubrennen abziehen halten und zugebrauchen.
    Publication Info: Getruckt zu Franckfurt am Meyn :Bei Christian Egenolffen,1550.
    Tags: 1550  Botany  Botany, Medical  Distillation  Early works to 1800  Germany  Herbals  Materia medica  Pre-Linnean works  rbgenr  
  24. A new herball, or, Historie of plants :wherein is contained the whole discourse and perfect description of all sorts of herbes and plants : their diuers and sundrie kindes : their names, natures, operations, & vertues : and that not onely of those which are heere growing in this our countrie of England, but of all others also of forraine realms commonly used in physicke, First set foorth in the Douch or Almaigne toong /by that learned D. Rembert Dodoens ... and now first translated out of French into English, by Henrie Lyte, Esquier.
    Publication Info: London :Imprinted by Ninian Newton,1586.
    Tags: Early works to 1800  Herbals  Materia medica, Vegetable  Plants, Useful  rbgenr  
  25. A nievve herball, or, Historie of plantes :wherein is contayned the vvhole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of herbes and plantes : their diuers and sundry kindes ... and that not onely of those whiche are here growyng in this our countrie of Englande but of all others also of forrayne realmes commonly used in physicke. First set foorth in the Doutche or Almaigne tongue /by that learned D. Rembert Dodoens ... and now first translated out of French into English, by Henry Lyte, Esquyer.
    Publication Info: At London :By Mr. Gerard Dewes ...,1578.
    Tags: Early works to 1800  Herbals  Materia medica, Vegetable  Plants, Useful  rbgenr  
  26. The paradisus londinensis:or coloured figures of plants cultivated in the vicinity of the metropolis /by William Hooker ...
    Publication Info: London :Printed by D.N. Shury, and published by William Hooker,1805-1807.
    Tags: 1805  19th century  Copper engraving  England  Graphic media :  Hand-colored  Icones  London  Plants, Cultivated  rbgenr  
  27. Plantarum selectarum icones pictae /editae a Nicolao Meerburg.
    Publication Info: Lugduni Batavorum [Leiden] : Apud J. Meerburg, 1798.
    Tags: 1798  Botany  Early works to 1800  Icones  Netherlands  Pictorial works  rbgenr  
  28. Remberti Dodonaei ... Stirpium historiae pemptades sex, sive libri XXX.
    Publication Info: Antuerpiae :Ex officina Christophori Plantini,1583.
    Tags: 1583  Belgium  Botany  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  Herbals  Pre-Linnean works  rbgenr  
  29. Remberti Dodonaei ... Stirpium historiae pemptades sex, sive libri XXX. Varie ab auctore, paullo ante mortem, aucti & emendati.
    Publication Info: Antuerpiae :Ex officina Plantiniana :Apud Balthasarem et Ioannem Moretos,1616.
    Tags: 1616  Belgium  Botany  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  Herbals  Pre-Linnean works  rbgenr